The twin towers of Landmark East are the iconic presence of the Kowloon East skyline. Sleek and modern design, combined with the finest attention to detail.

Aesthetic Vision
Practical Function

The design of Landmark East reflects a commitment to creating a comfortable and fulfilling experience for its tenants. One of the most striking elements of Landmark East's design lies in its distinctive landscaping. The garden, adorned with sculptures and art installations, serves not only as a serene sanctuary for tenants but also as a haven for variety of floral species.The entrance-ways of Landmark East are a standout feature, creating a sense of openness and encouraging interaction. The grandeur of the lobby leaves a lasting impression on all who enter the building, conveying a sense of prestige and sophistication through its vastness and stunning design. Landmark East’s breathtaking and thoughtful design has garnered admiration in the market.

Art inspires creativity and foster a culture of innovation


Landmark East is more than just an office building, it's a complete vision of contentment where artistic expression is woven into every facet of its design. From the collection of sculptures in its approximate 35,000-sq ft landscaped garden to its soaring entrance-ways and array of paintings, Landmark East elevates the spirit with every glance. Its alluring palette of quality materials and finishes inside is designed to connect the body and mind through each facet of uncompromising detail.

The art pieces placed throughout the building are a deliberate decision to integrate art with the functionality of the space, chosen to complement the building's overall aesthetic and inspire creativity and stimulate the imagination of those who work within its walls. The art serves as a reminder that beauty and functionality can coexist, and that the environment we create can have a profound impact on our work and well-being.

Artist: Zeng Fan Zhi
Name of artpiece: Untitled No. 2
Artist: Paul-Alexandre Bouriau
Name of artpiece: Walking East
Artist: Zhang Enli
Name of artpiece: The Water
Artist: Ju Ming
Name of artpiece: Taichi Series
Artist: Antony Gormley
Name of artpiece: Shrive XV (Twisted)
Artist: Sarah Morris
Name of artpiece: Panda (Origami)
Artist: Frank Nitsche
Name of artpiece: FOB-07- , 2004
Artist: Benedict
Name of artpiece: Universal Object
Artist: Harry Everington
Name of artpiece: Crusader at Lawn
Artist: Madsaki
Name of artpiece: Dance 2