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Explore the exceptional specifications and features of our state-of-the-art building. From unparalleled amenities to cutting-edge technology, we offer the best of modern architecture.

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With approximate 1.3 million square-feet of Grade A office space, Landmark East provides unrivaled flexibility, efficiency, and amenities to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

To optimize usable floor space, the interior volumes of Landmark East's commercial units are unobstructed, with generous and rectilinear floor plates ranging from approximate 14,000 to 28,000 square-feet.

The commercial units are designed with floor-to-ceiling windows to let natural light in, and provide privileged sea and city views.



Wing Tai Properties Limited

Total MFA

1.3 million sq ft (approx)
AXA Tower: 0.5 million sq ft
AIA Kowloon Tower: 0.8 million sq ft

Landscape Area

35,000sq ft (approx)

Number of Office Floors

AXA Tower: 36
AIA Kowloon Tower: 34

Floor Plates
AXA Tower
Typical: 14,000 – 15,300 sq ft (approx)
Special: Three connectable floors with exclusive lift service (approx 41,500 sq ft total)
AIA Kowloon Tower 
Typical: 19,100 – 28,100 sq ft (approx)
Special: 27,300 sq ft floor with 10,000 sq ft outdoor terrace
Ceiling Heights
AXA Tower
Typical: 2.9m
Special: 3.5 – 3.7m
AIA Kowloon Tower 
Typical: 2.9m
Special: 3.2m

Centralized passenger lift call system in main / individual floor lobbies, 4-6 passenger lifts per lift zone


Extensive CCTV Network
Central security control monitors, 24-hour control room


Low-glare T5 fluorescent luminaries providing an average 500 lux at desktop level (for open-plan office)

Curtain Wall

Double-glazed Low-E glass Architectural fins to reduce glare/heat intrusion

Raised Floor

150mm depth raised floor with electrical floor boxes (approx. one floor box per 9 sq m)

Floor Loading

Average 3kPa (typical office floor)
AXA Tower 5,6,7,42,43/F (5 kPa each)
AIA Kowloon Tower 42,43/F (5 kPa each)


Executive lavatories (AXA Tower)
Pantries & Executive lavatories with shower facilities  (AIA Kowloon Tower)

Additional Features

Clear headroom of 2.9 – 3.5m (approx)
Curtain wall-to-mullion distance of 1.5m

Core wall-to-curtain wall distances
AXA Tower   7.6 – 16.7m
AIA Kowloon Tower   7.0 – 26.7m


Variable air volume (VAV) system
24-hour chilled water supply

Air Purging System

Allows quick and complete exchange of internal air with external fresh air


Booster fan system in car park floors with CO, CO2 and temperature sensors


Design Load density 94 VA per sq m

Emergency Supply

Independent emergency supply back up by generator dedicated to each tenant’s
floor in each tower (Design Rating 30A-40A TPN per each floor)


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With a focus on people-centric design, Landmark East prioritizes sustainability and wellness to create an innovative and healthy environment for all.