Office Floor Specifications

  • Low-glare T5 fluorescent luminaries providing an average 500 lux at desktop level (for open-plan office)
Plumbing & Drainage
  • Water supply and drainage connection to common pipe ducts
  • Rainwater recycling system for irrigation of landscaped areas
  • Lift card access system for after-hours passenger lift utilization
  • Extensive CCTV Network 
  • Central security control monitors, 24-hour control room
Curtain Wall
  • Double-glazed Low-E glass Architectural fins to reduce glare/heat intrusion
Raised Floor
  • 150mm raised floor with electrical floor boxes (one floor box per 9 sq m)
Floor Loading
  • Average 4kPA (typical office floor):
  • AXA Tower, Landmark East  5,6,7,42,43/F          (5 kPA each)
  • AIA Kowloon Tower 42,43/F (5 kPA each)
Floor Amenities
  • Pantries & executive lavatories
  • Executive lavatory with shower facilities        (AIA Kowloon Tower)
Additional Features
  • Space on mechanical floors and roofs for tenant's addtional chillers or emergency generators
  • Clear headroom of 2.9 - 3.5m (approx)
  • Curtain wall-to-mullion distance of 1.5m
  • Core wall-to-curtain wall distances:
  • AXA Tower, Landmark East   7.6 - 16.7m
  • AIA Kowloon Tower   7.0 - 26.7m